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Cathy Ann


Cathy is now a Master Lash Artist who is actively involved in mentoring other lash artists locally and around the world. She's passionate about investing in advanced education to bring innovative techniques, styling, and products back to her clients, who rave about the difference in quality! Cathy currently holds 5 certifications in lash artistry and invests in two new courses every year.

Anne Artistry specializes in natural lash styles that are safe for your lashes. Cathy vows to bring a high standard of health & customization to the lash industry to avoid anyone being subject to that terrible initial experience she so vividly remembers. 

In addition to being a full time lash artist, Cathy is a Wife, Mom to puppy Mochi, and the biggest foodie you'll ever meet.


Cathy has been a lash artist for over 3 years. She first tried lash extensions in 2006 and it was a very uncomfortable and painful experience. She vowed to never get them again until a friend convinced her to give them another chance almost 10 years later. This time, the lashes not only looked beautiful, but they were very comfortable and didn't hurt at all. 

Cathy loved how lash extensions simplified her morning routine (no more runny mascara). She wanted to share this gift of time and confidence with other women and that's when her obsession with lashes began! 


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