New Full Set appointments include a complete 20 minute consultation to choose the best lash style customized to you, and a complimentary Premium Eyelash Aftercare Package (valued at $35)




Perfect Mascara Look | 2 hours | $130

One eyelash extension is applied to one natural lash. This is done throughout the lash line to create longer, thicker, curled lashes to flatter your unique eye shape. Tired of mascara? Just wake up and go with this "Perfect Mascara Look". Imagine the perfect lengthening & volumizing mascara, and lash curler all in one! Results depend on the number of lashes and health of the lash line. Recommended for those with a good amount of healthy natural lashes. If you have sparse or thin natural lashes, Natural Volume may be a better fit for you.

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Natural Volume 

*MOST POPULAR* | 2.5-3 hours | $180

Handmade fans of 2-5 lightweight extensions (2D-5D) are applied to one natural lash to create fuller looking lashes. This is a great blend of length and fullness, but still on the natural side, giving you the look of eyeliner and mascara combined! Highly recommended for weddings, special events, and anyone with sparse, thin, or weak lashes. This set is also perfect for anyone who has great natural lashes and love wearing makeup and/or strip lashes as the more natural lashes you have, the more dramatic and full the final result will be - this set is so versatile and customized just for you.

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Mega Volume 

Strip lash look. No eye makeup needed! | 3 hours | $220

Handmade fans of 6 ultra lightweight extensions and up (6D-20D) are applied to one natural lash to create a full, dark, and dramatic looking set. This is ideal for clients who want a full look similar to strip lashes, and don't want to wear any eye makeup. Get ready to toss your lash curler, eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow, cause this set is all you will ever need. Highly recommended for weddings, special events, or vacations. This set is great for those who have a good amount of natural lashes as the more lashes you have, the more dramatic and bold your results will be. NOT RECOMMENDED for clients who have extremely fine, weak, or brittle lashes as your natural lashes will not be able to support this look/fullness and not able to achieve this result.

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Extra Add Ons

Add on additional services to your existing appointment | Duration Varies

Wispy Effect | 20 mins | $20 


Bottom Lash Tint | 30 mins | $30

Moisturizing Hydrojelly Masque | 25 mins | $30

We have about 90-200 natural eyelashes per eye, which is why the initial Full Set appointment can range anywhere from 2 hours to up to 3 hours. Because our natural eyelashes continually grow and shed, Touch Ups are recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain full looking lashes for the long term wearer.